Patrick Passarella

I’m Patrick,
web developer.

Front End / Back End / Fullstack / UI & UX

About me

I'm Patrick Passarella, a full-stack web developer based in Brazil.

I’ve always been on the technology side since I was a kid, studying pretty much anything related to that in the course of my life and career, like game development, 3D modeling, animation, music, and UI/UX. I consider myself a fast learner, picking up new skills fairly easily. Today my focus is mostly web development.

One of my many goals is to never stop learning. I try to improve myself not only on the technical side, but as a person too.

I think that inspiring and helping others is one of my talents, as it's something I really love to do, and I'm also easily inspired. I try my best to keep learning with enthusiasm and help people. I also have many other interests and hobbies, such as video games, economics, philosophy, fitness, and cooking.

Currently, I work in a full-time job and am very interested in entrepreneurship.


Here I write about things that I like or know, such as web development, career, life and self-improvement.

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